People often underestimate the value of old or used books. Since you are no longer reading them or have read them enough times you can pass them on to someone who will love them as much as you did. It also frees up space in your home for new books. It is better to sell eBooks online for cash rather than continue to hoard them for eternity. There are many ways to make money through books. Book stores are willing to buy these books from you and sell them at their shop. People also pay for reading new books as long as you write a detailed review as proof that you have read the book. Now that you know such ways to earn money exist, all you need to do is follow these instructions to earn some cash.

Making Money by Selling eBooks Online

To get started on selling eBooks online you have to first know the value of the book you are offering. This can be done through Booksouter which is a website that determines the current selling price of any book. All you have to do is enter the ISBN that is given on the book and it will let you know what a reasonable asking price for said book is these days.

Another great thing about Bookscouter is that it also tells you which online stores you should visit that will be willing to buy the books from you. Once you receive an offer from someone all you have to do is decide whether or not you want to accept it. Then you must print the shipping label provided and send the books to the right address. When the books have been received by the vendor and checked for their accuracy, the payment is dispatched through mail in the form of check.

If you think the price being offered by the vendors listed on Bookscouter is on the lower side then you can choose any other website used for selling products online. Websites such as Amazon, Powell, eBay,, Half Price books and Cash for Books are a few such examples. These ecommerce stores help people make money by selling eBooks online and it is much better option as compared to selling to the local used books store or uploading the book on Bookscouter.

Making Money by Reading Books

If you cannot bear to part with any of your books and have nothing to sell then there are other ways to make money. Those who enjoy reading and have a quick pace can get paid for reading books. This involves having to write a detailed review for the author or publisher. There are many websites that pay to get people to write book reviews. A few examples of such websites are Kirkus, Springer, The US Review for Books and

If you are interested in marketing tactics that will help you make money from selling your own eBook, then keep reading. Charging people a small fee to read 50% of your eBook is another way to increase their interest. Ask them to pay the full price in order to get a chance to read the rest of the book. Obviously, this is a nice option for eBooks where the most important information is contained in the second part of the book.

For someone who loves to read and also has a flair for writing this is a perfect job. You can make money sitting at home and you also get a free book or eBook in the process. You will be happy to know now that there are many online eBooks business opportunities available now.

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