Did you know that Facebook has over one billion users? Facebook started as a small social media network for casual communication. Today, many business owners know that Facebook is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. So, if you want to sell furniture online, you should probably consider using Facebook or Facebook Groups to be more precise.

Before we go into details, you should look for unwanted pieces of furniture in your home. Check the garage, inspect the attic, look in your bedroom, kitchen, living room – there is a high chance that you have used furniture that sits there unused for months or even years. Throwing a garage sale is an option, but using Facebook Groups is a better solution. Now let’s see how you can do this in the right way.

Share great photos

This doesn’t mean that you should use a professional camera to take pictures of your furniture. You can use your smartphone for this purpose. The main goal is to take photos that will display the whole product. It’s the best option to go outside and take photos there. Avoid adding other items in the photo. In this way, potential buyers will have a better picture about your offer.

Create an attractive and honest description

The good news is that you don’t have to be a writer to do this. The description must include the most important information and it must be presented in an attractive way. A good description includes elements like the condition of furniture, number of items, age, price, dimensions, location and price of a new item if possible. Don’t use long descriptions because buyers will lose interest or get suspicious. Always provide precise and honest information.

Honesty above all

It is a bad idea to say that the furniture you have is actually in a better shape than it actually is. In case there is a bump on the sofa, tell the world. If you are not telling truth, your reputation as a seller and as a person will go down. Remember that Facebook users use real names.

Respect the rules

The vast majority of Facebook groups have certain rules. It is not uncommon for Facebook group members to get banned because they have ignored the rules. Don’t forget that every Facebook group has different rules and you can’t sell furniture on every group that allows people to sell items via Facebook.

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